Mens Fashion Week or London Fashion Week Men’s, formally that of London Collections Men, is now in its 5th year and at the most recent round where its latest home is, 180 The Strand, the world’s fashion media, stylist, buyers, journalist, photographers and fans of menswear gathered to get a taste of what was on offer to us all for the spring and summer of 2018.

What was on offer on the catwalk, in its many presentations and shows?
Well as usual a mixture of traditional the contemporary and the avant-garde.
Reds, Yellow, blues and stripes seemed to have a calling to the designers.
The big surprise was the return of the bum bag. We’ll dispense with using the Americanised name of the popular 90s body accessory.

And so to the real excitement. The real catwalk of fashion captured on the streets around the various show venues.
Though things started off slowly, they soon heated up and when the sun really kicked in and not only smiled but laughed its butt off. We’re talking literally here.

Day three of street style gave us a glimpse of a little more than what we or anyone else could have possibly expected.
Hundreds of totally naked cyclist passing by. We’re still desperately trying to shake the image of the guy on the unicycle. Don’t ask.
I guess in the moment and situation of London being in the grips of fashion frenzy, it was a case of The Emperors New Clothes.

The point is that only a week ago London was in trouble, suffering a terrible attack bring it to a dark moment, yet days later London shone as bright as could be with its random eccentricity we all love well intact and much welcomed with a cheeky smile.

Here are the street style image offerings we were able to capture.

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