On the street outside the 2017 Summer Hyper Japan event, the key or popular
Japanese street style trends seemed to be that of Decora and Fairy Kei.
A noticeable or popular colour palette appeared to be in place, so we aimed
to capture and bring those observations to you the fans.

Many of you will know or have noticed street style seems to have lost its edge in Japan
over the last 2 years. Things such as the uncertain economy lack of budget,
shops closing and going out of business faster than ever, could well be factors,
but the tried and tested faves like Decora, Fairy, Dolly Kei and Lolita are still popular
and especially with westerners.

Purple, blue hues, pinks and greens are popular the world over with teen culture,
so no surprise that we encountered lots of it over the weekend.

Talking about trends popular in Japan and in the west, you can’t ignore the growth in popularity all over of the shining star of the Goth world.
SteamPunk always seems to rise to the top, so it was no surprise that we encountered it on the weekend.
Some of you might be familiar with Performance Artist Ann Pendigrast.
She always makes her own hats, bags and dresses. Usually leaning towards the Lolita side of style, we found that this instance of spotting the lovely Ann, she had embraced the charms of the SteamPunk genre.

We often hear about the term bucket list and a visit to Japan, or at the very least to Tokyo should without a doubt feature on most people’s list. It is indeed a remarkable place with remarkable people. Those of you that like the idea of Japan and all its candy coloured excitement, buy like many are somewhat detured by the emense expence such a visit would cost, you can’t do worse than a visit to the Next Hyper Japan when it swings around next. For many it will probably be the closest you’ll come to being in Japan, and that will be pretty close to start with. All of Japan in one place on one day or a weekend.

Why not give it a try.


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