The year is drawing to its close. Way too hastily for my liking.

What’s the rush I hear some of you saying, and the rest of you saying are you serious? You can’t wait for this year to be over and for a fresh new one to start.

I’m not saying where I stand on this one, but at this particular time when we look back and take stock, the British Fashion Industry likes to pat itself on the back, and celebrate its achievements with a grand awards ceremony and equally grand party. With the aid of the BFC British Fashion Council,

the glitz and the glamorous from the world of fashion, descended upon the location of The Royal Albert Hall.

UK talent and stars mixed and mingled with Hollywood royalty and International stars and fashion icons.

The night was cold, but it did not stop many from wearing their statement outfits, which was mostly ready to wear, but a few Couture items were indeed spotted.

These are my humble images from the celebratory night honouring British fashion and style, shot in the shivering cold as I stood watching along with nearby members of the public, fashion fans and autograph hunters. Yes they do still exist in these strange days of selfie culture.

The image quality is not up to my usual standard as with many of these events, there are so many security staff and endless PR staff that just stand and love themselves on the red carpet, with no apparent function other than to just stand there and get in the way of as many people as possible, the poor celebs and fashion designers have to navigate their way around the obstacle course of black coated bodies everywhere.

For future planning maybe a great idea to assign them all a task of making the red carpet look uncluttered and free flowing. But that may well be way too radical an idea.

Well for now, please enjoy the images, of the stylish and fashion friendly from the arrivals of the event.

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