It’s a brand-new year. Happy 2018 everyone.
Let me wish you all much success, good fortune and contentment for the year ahead.

To start things off, with the first event of fashion week circuit, The LFWM

London Fashion Week Mens, formally LCM London Collections Mens.

Shows were received well, but you’re here reading this because its the action on the street that excites and interests us all. The best catwalk in town is the most accessible and influential one. There was a scene clearly in mind with a woman wearing those oh so very cool novelty or statement ankle boots. You know the ones. We’re talking about those sock style lighter heels by Vetements. It took some time to get the images we wanted, as there were strange random dance movements going on with them.

After having to politely ask to please cease and desist from the strange dance steps for a moment, it became apparent when told, it was because of the harsh cold, and it was the best way to keep warm. In fact sock style ankle boots were everywhere to be seen.

Here is the first post of the new year, and our first offering from the Street Style captured during LFWM London Fashion Week Mens.

Images here feature:

Kelly Wong from China, wearing a coat by Ryan Lo, a small Louis Vuitton bag and a large Baggu bag.

The super stylish Chinese fashion buyer Harper Silin, wearing a River Island X Blood Brother orange hoodie, a denim skirt, with sock style ankle boots.

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