It is once once again that time of the year. The collective mass of fashion industry and passionista fashionistas all gather on mass, to celebrate or pay homage to the latest and greatest visions from the catwalk, by the good, the bad and the terribly provocative and naughty. Yes its the latest instalment from the global Fashion Week season,

London Fashion Week.

A weekend of fantastic weather brought us the start of the big shows and names of British fashion. Then Monday came along and put the dampeners on the entire event. Forget the limos and luxury VIP cars to transport said guests from show to show, what should have been provided was cohoes and water wear. That said the shows managed to take place, gifting insight to all of the delights of the season to come, or if you’re into the new fast fashion and have the need to see no, buy now, your tastebuds for fashion, must surely be flowing with eager excitement and anticipation.

From the great outdoors and on the land of street style, there were several and obvious trends that could easily be spotted. 

We will try to show you some of them over the next few posts. You can expect to see lots of pretty footwear and foot candy, with bold vivid colour sock boots, novel statement piece lighter heels from Vetements to name a few. 

So let’s start off the proceedings with a few postings, of some of the many images we worked ever so hard, to bring directly to you. We do hope you’ll enjoy this journey through the sights of the style, as captured on London’s streets, during London Fashion Week.

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