When we managed to prise the sleep goddess from her time enchanted slumber, and requested that she entered our plain of reality, we managed to work on some images.

As it happened to be #RSD18 Record Store Day 2018 yesterday, we dusted off the old vinyl spinner, and challenged both it and muse Harper, to do battle for your attention.

Now the attention and luring skills from the past of this dear friend, has long had me captivated with its charms. We are talking about the record player here btw. The charms of a woman throughout the ages has long been associated with captivating ones heart, no matter whatever your persuasions may well be. But so can the charms of a vinyl spinner. Especially a customised high end one, tweaked and skilled at extracting every single moment of the elixir of audible pleasure, from a piece of 180 gram virgin direct to disk, Japanese pressed imported Bluenote vinyl.

Can the two do battle for ones attention? Visual and audio, or should that be audiovisual?

Working on the situation, we dusted off some choice pieces of coloured vinyl, and set to create an image, utilising the visual skills and participation of our stunning muse,

the lovely Harper Silin, and renowned disk spinner, the Systemdek 2X 900. The two to do battle in vintage style.

Can Harper win your attention,in her shimmering, sparkly, late 1960s early 1970s drop waist dress, along with that groovy look, cool bob hairstyle and that funky slammin’ personality?

Can the Systemdek 2X 900 win over and seduce you with its audiovisual presentation?
Good looks and its sonic charms! The battle looks set.

Here are a few of of the images from the duel in front of the camera.

Who won your attention? Or did we manage to create a form of harmony.

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