Africa Fashion Week London 2018 at the incredible venue of Freemasons’ Hall.

An event that showcases over 900 designers, and exhibitors from across Africa and throughout Europe, including buyers, retailers, stylists, influential industry professionals and media, all embracing and celebrating the very latest in fashion and style from or inspired and influenced by Africa,

African culture and especially its fashion, is well known for its fearless use of colour.
Unlike some places in the west such as the UK, people of fashion that are from or are touched by Africa, will really express with a fearless passion, the expressive embracing of colour. You will see it in the way make up is used with women. A much wider and broader colour pallet is frequently seen, as is with accessories of bags, hats, scarves, statement jewellery and then there is the clothing itself. Lush, vivid, colourfully printed and dyed fabrics, that truly excite the mind, heart, soul and spirit on any individual. Unless you’re truly a total square.

Here are a just a few of the images I was able to shoot and bring to you. A humble edit from the hundreds shot. I really do hope they manage to enhance and add a little more dynamic range in colour to ones life. #afwl18

Life is so much better with colour. Just go for it.

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