Occasionally as a Stylist, you have to do the odd freebie as a form of marketing or promotion of ones services. I see it as a strategic form of investment.
One that often gifts me someone very special.
It has done so with the amazing rising star Harper Silin, it has done so with Freya Sinyu Siu, another uber stylish Chinese woman unique visually rich in style, and now I have discovered yet another I am excited about, so this post is about her.

Let me introduce to you Xiao Qiao Wang.

She is passionate about film. Now we’re not taking about that Hollywood stuff, or action packed blockbusters. We’re talking about the real deal. Lumiere brothers, Georges Méliès films. What we in the UK call foreign Language films, or even the stuff with no dialogue at all. Just themes, colours, shapes or beauty as its narrative. Xiaoqiao also loves vintage style in the form of feminine, elegant, graceful dresses, again and like myself, influenced from exposure to old movies from the silver screen era, where movies were stories properly told, with a beginning, middle and a satisfying ending to complete ones journey.

On her first visit I learned that unlike my recent Chinese clients and muses, she isn’t wee,
cute and tiny, but has hight, feminine curves to be embraced and celebrated by herself.
We decided to do something different to what she would normally do. To step out of her comfort zone so to speak. Well let me tell you, I had a thoroughly good time, as did she.

Here are but a few of the fun images of various looks and styles Xiaoqiao tried, that she would not normally have done so, but very much enjoyed. Thank you very much for letting me meet and work with you. I present to you, the lovely Xiao Qiao Wang.

Watch this face. You will be seeing much more from her throughout 2019.


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