Imagine if you will. you’re at a photo-shoot. All is set. The energy is flowing, you are feeling it, really enjoying yourself, and so is your subject, a lovely woman, from the world of the arts and academia, halls of creative learning. The scene is set.  Some gorgeous  shots. She look fabulous, and really seems to be into the groove.  

Talking about the groove, let’s drop a track of say, “Ned Dohene – To Prove My Love”. You know that classic Soul / Jazz Funk floor filling track released only in Japan, played here in the UK and debuted on the Robbie Vincent show on BBC Radio London way back in 1978. It’s a fast track.

Now imagine if you will, your subject starts to seriously bust some moves to this groove, and you’re thinking wow!  Where did that suddenly come from? Because everything you shot earlier is now tame, compared to what you have right now in this very moment. 

This is exactly what took place just before Christmas 2018 at Central Saint Martins at the University of the Arts London with the lovely Maureen where is a senior lecturer and researcher.  Maureen is also the founder director of Freshwaters Consultancy
a practice that inspires fresh thinking and helps individuals and organisations create sustainable futures.

I first met Maureen at Africa Fashion Week London August  and curious to discover more about this woman with remarkable style and a passion for vintage of which we both share. 

All the outfits and looks for this shoot are hers, all vintage originals, and have as they should, a good story to tell. 

Click these images to access details of what Maureen wears.  If the energy from this shoot is anything to go by, Maureen’s lectures must be pretty exciting and well worth attending. You can count on my attendance. I’m all ears.

Maureen’s Story   

Dance and fashion are my passion. My styling sensibilities are rooted my cultural identities.  From age seven, I have had a strong sense of my personal style and have been a conscious and conscientious dresser ever since.  I was influenced by generations of stylish women and men in my family. My style is a reflection my emotions.  Dressing is a daily ritual. Every outfit tells a story.  

The Red  Suit

I inherited my mother and grandmother’s love of linen fabric. So, when I saw this gorgeous orange red linen in a fabric shop in Mandeville, Jamaica  1993, I bought 4 yards. In 2002, I commissioned Sharon Franklyn, an alumnus of the London College of Fashion to design a statement a trouser suit, the waistcoat was created 5 years later.         I wanted something that would stand out.  At the first fitting, it was love at first sight.  The suit made its debut at a business awards at the Institute of Directors in London Piccadilly.  Since then, it has travelled around the world, including  a return  visits to Jamaica, Barbados and Senegal.  Nearly 20 years later, the suit still rocks

The Green Dress

My Mother bought this beautiful green brocade  from an Indian fabric shop in Willesden High Road, London NW10  in the 1970s.  It is one of my favourite colours. For years,          I had my eyes on it. Finally, in  2000, my Mother gifted it to me and in 2003,
I commissioned Sharon Franklyn to design the dress which made its debut at the Stephen Lawrence Gala Fund-raising Dinner at the  Dorchester Hotel in 2004.


The Golden Suit

Adebayo Jones donated  the  jacket for  auction at an  education charitable fund-raising event I was involving in organising in 2002.  The  successful bidder then donated the jacket to me.  I purchased the trousers and top.

In 2003, as executive director of Black MBA Association,  I invited both Sharon Franklyn and Adebayo Jones  to join fellow designers, the late Joe Casely Hayford and  Romero Bryan  on panel at the ‘Interactive Diversity Xchange’ 2003 at the London Business Design Centre.  Titled ‘The Business of Fashion’ the seminar  focused on  how to develop a successful fashion business and  was chaired by Ann Priest, the then Dean of Fashion Promotion and Management, London College of Fashion.

Since 2015,  I have been teaching leadership  and professional development on the EMBA Fashion at the London College of Fashion.

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