Sonia Leong

An artist, illustrator in cartoons and Manga style characters, a published author of many books. There’s pretty much nothing this woman can’t do.
If she’s not teaching children at schools how to draw Manga style,
or showcasing her books at Comic Conventions, a wizard at story telling, dressing up in Cosplay, Guest Speaking at events, dressing up with her frilly friends in Gothic Lolita style at a meet up or tea party. Just an average day for her. Give her some 17th century pistols, or a hand crossbow and she’ll feel right at home with a smile on her face, and she even has time to fit in a husband and children, as a wife and mother. Clearly a Wonder Woman.

Sonia has been on the scene as a well known figure in her own right,
for around 20 years or more. I have known her for at least 15 of those.

This formidable woman is one of my favourite women to style and photograph. Like a great wine, she’s got even better with age.

In this recent photo-shoot, Sonia wears bespoke tailored jackets from Mochee Kent along with men’s tailored trousers, and high heel pumps from Christian Louboutin.

Sonia can do girly and frilliness like any woman can, but is equally at home in the power seat of a business meeting or event, rocking a bespoke three piece suit and brogues. These days, this is very much her go to and signature look, and why not ?
A man can look great in a suit, but a woman will always wear it better.

This set of images in the above post, ended up being featured in
Mob Journal magazine, issue 8, 2020 and makes all involved very happy.

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