At Gothic church, St Mary Aldermary, with Shion Oshikawa from Japan, where the magic happens.

I’ve been shooting street style of cool Japanese people, in London for around 26 years. I’ve been trying to do a proper photo-shoot with Shion for 6 of those, and I finally got my chance mid October 2020.
Let me tell you after all that time, it was well worth the wait.

Shion is a Barista at the Host Cafe, which resides in the amazing Gothic church, St Mary Aldermary, in the city of London,
We got permission to shoot in this amazing location, with it’s decorative, ornate high ceiling and interior. Being a church, it’s a calming and relaxed setting. Just perfect for a brief escape from the toils of modern city life.
I can highly recommend a visit during weekdays. It closes mid afternoon. Check it’s site and listings for full opening times.

Shion is not a professional model, but WOW!
You all know I champion all those petite women out there, the fashion world keeps ignoring.
Petite that she sure is. But again, WOW! Every time I shoot photos of this woman, she has an energy that is overflowing, and when she laughs, well let’s just say it’s on the bucket list for sure, an experience not to be missed.

We did 2 looks. A colourful pair late 60s, early 1970s of pleated floaty bottom chiffon trousers, with a floral blouse, and an alternative black chiffon floral print blouse with balloon sleeves.

The second look was that of a 1970s Studio 54 style disco groove, with brown suede leather shorts, a colourful waist tie lurex top, a poppy hat and an alternative airline cap, and high heel sandals by high end luxury French shoe brand Charles Jourdan,
to fit Shion’s super tiny feet.

Shion has so much energy and bottled up excitement.
With a bit of a shake and some direction, we managed to get it to overflow,
and I’m sure you will all agree, the images speak for themselves.
They all contain her fun energy signature of vintage style with a big smile.

Many thanks Shion, and to the folks at the Host Cafe and St Mary Aldermary church.

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