Pat Lyttle is a Personal Stylist specialising in Vintage Fashion, with a focus on the Japanese and Asian market, actively promoting it through imagery over many years. I love the Japanese fashion scene with its many sub cultures and its unique micro trends. I have a good understanding of Asian fashion based culture, and its influence over decades on mainstream fashion, as well as the growing interest in the sense of westernised individuality.

One of the strongest growth sectors is that of the Vintage Fashion Scene. The Japanese have embraced its uniqueness in expression like no other, and in a way I quite admire.

A seasoned Street Style Photographer has seen Pat documenting Japan’s style for over 2 decades. For fashion shoots, Pat will often use Japanese and other Asian models, as well as styling the shoots entirely himself, with items from his vast private Vintage Fashion collection.

Clients are usually Japanese or Asian based as it’s what he knows well.

As well as the Stylist, Pat is also a Fashion Specialist with a vast knowledge of the world of fashion from many angles. From picture editing to picture research for globally renowned fashion publications, national newspapers and book publishers, to on spec Trend Reports and detailed Fashion Week analysis. Pat simply loves fashion and it easily comes across in his work.

Pat was for 8 years the Fashion Specialist at Getty Images. Want to know what the trends are for this summer or even for next season?
He’ll know, and will source you images to clearly illustrate the effective relationships and influences of a designers work on the catwalk, to celebrity culture on the red carpet, as well as what ís seen on the streets, and all presented aesthetically in the language of Fashion.

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