My beautiful and amazing Chinese fashion influencer friend and muse Harper Silin, purchased a vintage Haori the other day. Like many people, she was told it was a kimono, as that is what so many here in the west are told they are.

The Haori 羽織 is worn by women as outer or overwear to a Kimono. It is a light mid length jacket, normally not tied, so it is open to reveal the beauty of the Kimono and Obi under it.

Harper liked her black Haori very much. But the cost, the price was so much. Young Millennials.
You know how they are when it comes to money. More than we ever could dream of, yet so frugal and intent on a good bargain and tweeting, blogging or posting on Instagram about their latest haul.
And why not.

Harper looked great in all black, a great silhouette, her high street dress and her vintage Haori.
Lift your arms? What? she says. Hold out your arms like a tree. Reluctantly she fulfils my strange request. Look at the beautiful shape I say. Look how the sleeves hang and drop in a perfect right angle like a long square i say. Amazed, a smile comes to her face. When she smile’s and laughs, WOW. Forget your atom bombs and nuclear energy. More positive energy radiates from her than you can imagine.

The sales person in the shop did not tell her about the unique beauty of this item she purchased.
Just the typical you like, so buy and goodbye.
So when the lovely Harper showed me her purchase, I had to say it looks great, but you do know i have lots of these vintage Haori don’t you. Let’s try some, so after trying a few ranging from the 1940s to the 1980s, we opted for this one from the late 60s, with its colourful geo pattern, and its strange ubique paper like feel.

The shoot components consisted of a vintage belt to bind her super tiny waist, as an Obi was just too big and would be the star and not Harper in her Haori. Harper is an ambassador for the French bag brand GB David, so we had to have their popular cute cats eye bag. The Chantilly Le Chat Premier.

Next we added the way cool lace kitten heels with butterfly detail by Aruna Seth.
Harper has the most tiny and pretty feet, so to me, for this shot, it made sense to promote the pretty shoes by not wearing them, but to allude to them in a sensuous way, by showing off her bare feet, but holding the shoes. I think it works. Hope you do too.

The other look was a purple sparkly lurex mini dress from the late 1960s, working thigh the colours we matched with tiny court shoes with Japanese socks. Why do we only thinks of socks in the west, as only for children. Women rock socks, and if you’re into socks, there is only one place that rules, Japan. So we raided the treasure chest of cute socks for these, to complete the look.
For a few shots, we added a colour accent of a lime green wide brim floppy hat.

Hope you like the images and their energy.




Japanese Street Style hits Camden

In the wee early hours of the morning, I was scrolling through Instagram, and spotted the lovely Kiriko Takemura, better known as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The Cute Superstar of Japanese J-pop, and ambassador of Kawaii fashion, was in London to perform at legendary Koko in cool, trendy and very colourful Camden. One could say, London’s very own Harajuku.

Sadly her post said the gig was “SOLD OUT”, so sadly I cannot share with you any pictures of the super cool and most pretty little one. You’ll just have to buy a copy of JAPANESE STREET STYLE
and have a look at page 85, to see the pictures I shot of the lovely woman I spotted on Omotesando in Harajuku looking way cool and super stylish, way before she became the superstar that she is today.

What I did manage to get you was a taster of the many cool and funky people, dressed in kawaii style or at the very least, fashionably touched by Japanese style, and I believe looked great. See for yourselves. I’m sure you’ll all agree.

Images featured show Effi from West London, wearing a playsuit by Cyberdog, a long sleeve rainbow coloured shirt by Japanese brand Galaxy, with cool socks from Takeshita Dori in harajuku, Tokyo and shoes from eBay.

Karen Nagato from London, dressed all in black in Gothic Lolita style, she wears a dress by Atelier Pierrot, a bag by Irregular Choice and Mon Lily sweet doll shoes by Honey Cherry.

Jibby from London who wears a pink vintage baby doll dress, with ankle boots from TK Max.



Here are those Kendall pearly metallic spiked block heel sandals by Gucci. Worn here with socks.

Ah yes!  That eternal argument. Socks with heels. We can can hear some of you in rage just over the thought of such a thing, others shaking your head, saying absolutely not among yourselves. We see you all. We hear those thoughts loud and clear.

The huge trend for funky and cute socks with heels that swept Japan back in the late 90s early 2000s made quite an impact and influence on the mainstream world of High end fashion, as it always does. Miuccia Prada was a keen watcher, and her Spring 2008 reflected it. Long socks with those beautiful secret garden flower heels. Think you can quite guess, at street fashion blog JSTREETSTYLE, we’re on the side of socks with heels. Ardent campaigners for the cause we’d say.

At London Fashion Week, you could see this trend in practice. Even the clear and present influence, culminating  in the guise of quite exciting offspring, Fendi, Vetements among the popular few on show.


It’s a brand-new year. Happy 2018 everyone.
Let me wish you all much success, good fortune and contentment for the year ahead.

To start things off, with the first event of fashion week circuit, The LFWM

London Fashion Week Mens, formally LCM London Collections Mens.

Shows were received well, but you’re here reading this because its the action on the street that excites and interests us all. The best catwalk in town is the most accessible and influential one. There was a scene clearly in mind with a woman wearing those oh so very cool novelty or statement ankle boots. You know the ones. We’re talking about those sock style lighter heels by Vetements. It took some time to get the images we wanted, as there were strange random dance movements going on with them.

After having to politely ask to please cease and desist from the strange dance steps for a moment, it became apparent when told, it was because of the harsh cold, and it was the best way to keep warm. In fact sock style ankle boots were everywhere to be seen.

Here is the first post of the new year, and our first offering from the Street Style captured during LFWM London Fashion Week Mens.

Images here feature:

Kelly Wong from China, wearing a coat by Ryan Lo, a small Louis Vuitton bag and a large Baggu bag.

The super stylish Chinese fashion buyer Harper Silin, wearing a River Island X Blood Brother orange hoodie, a denim skirt, with sock style ankle boots.


Those narrow cobbled stone streets are a calling. They tap you on the shoulder
to command your attention. “Over hear” they discretely whisper in your ear.
Unless that is you are in a car, then it’s screamed or shouted out of the window in no uncertain terms. The point is, one is invited to look where one wound not normally.
For then you might catch sight of the goings on. Not those goings on.
No! It’s Paris after all. That’s always happening.
We mean the sights of the super stylish stepping out of a car, walking up the road,
bag swaying, heels clicking, dress swaying and swishing, and it is indeed a sight and a spectacle worth an encounter of ones time, should you happen across it during the weak when all descend upon Grand Paris, for what she has up her sleeve as a teaser to the grand shows behind huge closed doors, only accessible to the elite, which is what Paris loves most. Le Discretion.

But as you all know, and coming back to our original point, it’s outside on the street where all the real action takes place and it is viewable, obtainable, if you know how, when and where, and if not, then we’ll bring it to you.

Here is a small taste of what is to come, what we liked and wanted to share.


On the street outside the 2017 Summer Hyper Japan event, the key or popular
Japanese street style trends seemed to be that of Decora and Fairy Kei.
A noticeable or popular colour palette appeared to be in place, so we aimed
to capture and bring those observations to you the fans.

Many of you will know or have noticed street style seems to have lost its edge in Japan
over the last 2 years. Things such as the uncertain economy lack of budget,
shops closing and going out of business faster than ever, could well be factors,
but the tried and tested faves like Decora, Fairy, Dolly Kei and Lolita are still popular
and especially with westerners.

Purple, blue hues, pinks and greens are popular the world over with teen culture,
so no surprise that we encountered lots of it over the weekend.

Talking about trends popular in Japan and in the west, you can’t ignore the growth in popularity all over of the shining star of the Goth world.
SteamPunk always seems to rise to the top, so it was no surprise that we encountered it on the weekend.
Some of you might be familiar with Performance Artist Ann Pendigrast.
She always makes her own hats, bags and dresses. Usually leaning towards the Lolita side of style, we found that this instance of spotting the lovely Ann, she had embraced the charms of the SteamPunk genre.

We often hear about the term bucket list and a visit to Japan, or at the very least to Tokyo should without a doubt feature on most people’s list. It is indeed a remarkable place with remarkable people. Those of you that like the idea of Japan and all its candy coloured excitement, buy like many are somewhat detured by the emense expence such a visit would cost, you can’t do worse than a visit to the Next Hyper Japan when it swings around next. For many it will probably be the closest you’ll come to being in Japan, and that will be pretty close to start with. All of Japan in one place on one day or a weekend.

Why not give it a try.


Japan Matsuri – London 2016

Japan Matsuri is a summer festival that takes place in Trafalgar Square each year.

Tens of thousands gather to sample Japanese culture, music, arts, food and drink in a social environment that is as welcoming as Japanese culture is.

Find out more at JAPAN MATSURI


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