Those narrow cobbled stone streets are a calling. They tap you on the shoulder
to command your attention. “Over hear” they discretely whisper in your ear.
Unless that is you are in a car, then it’s screamed or shouted out of the window in no uncertain terms. The point is, one is invited to look where one wound not normally.
For then you might catch sight of the goings on. Not those goings on.
No! It’s Paris after all. That’s always happening.
We mean the sights of the super stylish stepping out of a car, walking up the road,
bag swaying, heels clicking, dress swaying and swishing, and it is indeed a sight and a spectacle worth an encounter of ones time, should you happen across it during the weak when all descend upon Grand Paris, for what she has up her sleeve as a teaser to the grand shows behind huge closed doors, only accessible to the elite, which is what Paris loves most. Le Discretion.

But as you all know, and coming back to our original point, it’s outside on the street where all the real action takes place and it is viewable, obtainable, if you know how, when and where, and if not, then we’ll bring it to you.

Here is a small taste of what is to come, what we liked and wanted to share.



Shooting street style at London Fashion Week is so much fun, but it’s hard work too.

One has to constantly be on the look out for the style icons, the great looks, the attention seekers, yes there are those. One has to be up to date with current and past trends, and be able to spot referencing to something historical or topical in a contemporary context.

One has to know your catwalk trends and looks, key brands and products with stand out personalities. All this needs to come into play in an instant.

It’s hard work, but it can be fun too and is, if you enjoy what you do and are passionate about it too.

So let us make a statement. Well not me personally, but at LFW, that’s just what some if not many people do. They can do it with an entire and overall look, or they can do it with a singular statement item that’s has such a loud and dominant personality, it simply commands your attention.

One of these “Statement Trends” spotted during London Fashion Week, were Silver or chrome mirrored thigh high-heeled boots. Be they originally from Balenciaga, Ami Club-wear, Akira, Pretty Little Thing or whichever of the many brand copies out there currently available, they are visually exciting and truly are statement pieces. They also look like a lot of fun.

Here are a few images of those particular statement boots spotted, and if you’re not rocking’ a pair of them this weekend, am sure you’ll agree, they really do look like a lot of fun…

All and every single image or visual featured within this blog site belongs to, and is shot by Pat Lyttle of JSTREETSTYLE.


How many times last weekend did you get asked “What’s SteamPunk?”

I can’t remember how many times myself I was asked that very same question, but it was an awful lot.

So you’ve heard of Goths and the Whitby Goth Weekend being quite famous and popular.  Well the fishing town of Whitby in North Yorkshire, got its very own official SteamPunk Weekend festival the last weekend of July 2017. Attended by several hundred, it’s quite safe to say it was a success and we hope there will be many more, and look forward to the next one only being bigger and better.

So what exactly is this SteamPunk stuff you keep hearing people talking about?

It is quite tricky to explain, but I will try. It is a fashion genre. A sub-genre of Goth culture. Imagine if you will a visual fusion Gothic fashion inspired by early and late Victorian style. Now add a sprinkling of illustrations and inspiration from French novelist Jules Verne. Something like his well known 20000 leagues under the sea.  Add a little more inspiration from the mechanisation of the brand new industrial revolution, a touch of (OK a huge dollop) retro futurism from the same time period, many things being powered by clockwork and steam. The beauty of polished copper and brass in panels and coils like some early 19th Century Sci Fi novel, and this should bring you quite close to what SteamPunk is, only it is so much more because of its base of visual fantasy, it has no exact specification and is therefore limitless as to what you can make of it as a visual treat, and there in lies one of the main reasons why it is so popular around the globe both in the west and in Asia.

Fancy some future tech prosthetics? They’re the next big buzz, with cybernetic implants and bionics. Well our Victorian friends way back when were coming up with future tech enhancements well before anyone else today was or is, thinking they are so cutting edge. Part of the Steampunk fashion visualisation includes adornments and appendages to enhance vision, such as goggles and special ocular devices allowing the user to see what is normally hidden to most humans, mystical potions and apothecaries help distil fuel and aid function. Steam powered mechanised wings anyone? Enhanced strength of a limb anyone? All part of the visualisation of SteamPunk done well. It’s all open to your imagination.

If you’re into dressing up and you want something to really rock visually, SteamPunk is the ultimate in what you’re after.

Here are a few of the images I managed to shoot at the event.

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