Life on the Edge.
Way more exciting than the norm, whatever that word is supposed to represent to you.
Something on the Edge is more of an alternative approach. A different view.
Be it post vintage, retro, gothic, whatever takes your fancy. So long as it’s never boring,
you’ll have my support, and apparently quite a number of you out there.

Well this was scene at London’s Business Design Centre, on September 2nd 2019.
A veritable plethora of alternative, with a distinctive London EDGE to it.
A trade show specialising in its avant garde approach to fashion.

From fashion shows to stalls, specialist helps, with footwear, retro clothing.
Like your ink? heaps of tattooed models around and resources on display, harnesses,
corsets, bodices, squeamish about leather, worry not, sustainable look alike alternatives.

So what cought my eye you ask?
You all know I love footwear and the call of a good looking shoe. Will always turn my head, above all or anyone else. I found a good brand from up north as we say in London. Joe Browns. A colourful fun feminine approach to their styles that I liked. Plus some serious lusting over a pair or few shoes from the folks at Lola Ramona.

The catwalk shows were fun with a lovely curvy tattooed model that was really into the music, and with ever single step, was into the groove, as she did her thang!

Dark Goth wear from Punk Rave, Sinister, and Burleska.
Lots of repro 40s and 50s looks.
Even reasonably fun looking repro 1920s flapper style dresses from GatsbyLandy.
Naturally I have many of the original vintage dresses in my collection, but it is always good to see what’s out there, and redly available to the public for the party upcoming season.

Some seriously cool looking people around throughout the day. See images.
Contacts book filled, energy topped up, and much to follow up.


Whitby Goth Weekend. The biannual Goth culture and fashion gathering is the 2nd largest of its kind in the world, and took place on October 27th – 29th 2017 in the North Yorkshire fishing town. The origins of the Goth festival is said to be based around the town that writer Bram Stoker penned the famous story of Dracula, drawing inspiration from the great Gothic Abbey looking down upon Whitby. More than two decade back in the mid to late 1990s, two lone Goths dwelled within Whitby. With nothing much going on at the time, and the reputation of “the only Goths in the village”, they hatched a great plan to invite friends to a Goth gathering, and the rest as they say is history.

As per usual, my focus in documenting this amazing event is that of fashion and individual style, and its interpretation. I first encountered the WGW back in 2007 in a super cool Japanese fashion magazine called Kera.

Click here full selection of images from the event.

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