It’s that time of the year again where everyone into fashion, industry or other, come together on a visit to London, to catch up, get some work in, and set the scene for cool and exciting creative things to happen. Not just for themselves, but mostly for others.
It’s that event we call London Fashion Week. A celebration of style that showcases the upcoming collections of exceptional and exciting clothing, various designers, new or well established, believe we will all be interested in next simmer season.

is like a Fashion Mecca, because its the one on the fashion week circuit, that many believe is the coolest, with the most outrageous, avant-garde, cutting edge and eclectic designs, supposedly reflective of the cool edgy crazy cats that dwell within the UK.
Oh if only they knew the real truth.

Attending shows, meeting and greeting, networking, procuring business and future collaborations, building new connections, its all a part of the events that is ground zero for fashion throughout the UK.

Some amazing shows were attended with very exciting creations. Wish I could covet many of them, just not today, but eventually I’ll work on that.  Shows like Light & Shadow X Punk Rave. The first group from the collection was truly exciting with Elizabethan collars, ruffs, bodices, framework and bustles, light Gothic influenced and beautifully crafted. Another show i really enjoyed was by Jamie Wei Huang, with its high turn out of stars, influencers and personalitiies attending from all across Asia,. Loved that show with its tags and chain linked pieces.

Her is a brief snapshot of some of the amazing action I’ve been able to capture and share with you.


So it’s that time of the year once more, where all into the world of, industry or other revolving around the F word. No not that one. I’m talking about Fashion. You can think of the other one after you’re checked out this post.

So this is the first post encompassing the goings on from day one of
London Fashion Week SS 2019.
What took place late evening was a gathering for the first major event at Canada House, the Canadian Embassy in Trafalgar Square in the evening.
A gathering of various Canadian dwelling designers like Melissa Chung, and her amazing cool product, that protects the heels of your pretty high heel shoes. There are several of these products that I’ve seen on the market, but her Krippit was by far the best I have seen. Added support and beauty, came from the designer’s super stylish and elegant mother.

Other cool designs came from Pranga & Co. Novel interchangeable cufflinks from men or should they so increasingly wish, women also. There are many many fine details, finishing and accents if you will, to a woman’s attire. There are very few for a man, and the most well known of them is the cufflink, followed possibly by a tie pin. These cufflinks were stylish, innovative, and really impressed me with out of the box thinking. Sustainable materials, like wood, clear glass like resin with butterfly wings to provide a natural colour pallet that changes as light hits. There was even a pair fashioned from a piece of coal, with the most beautiful carvings.

Outside I endeavoured to bring to you what I could find in terms of style on the street. Though in failing evening light and a shaky hand, images were still captured that show what London is all about during Fashion Week. Individuality of style with an edge to it.
This is just from day one. It can only get better and better. So keep it here to be informed and updated with the goings on from London Fashion Week


Here are a small selection of images I managed to capture, that showcase individuality of style from the first three days of LFW, London Fashion Week. Over the weekend.

The presently biannual industry gathering of mainstream big business fashion people, showcasing their creative interpretations of what they thinks we should all be buying for next season, only being that fast fashion is in full swing, and their captive audiences cannot think outside of 10 word status update thinking, they want it all now, not 6 months from now as it is touted, on an old business model that is very much not disruptive or adaptive.

But I digress.
The event is as always with its runways, catwalks and presentations of style, but as you all know, I like to capture individuality, and on the best runway or catwalk.

One you can all relate to. On the street.


It is now that time of year once more, when all is bright and colourful in store fronts,
pop ups are a plenty and all the creatives in town come out to play.
For it is indeed play time, or rather shall we say it is once more again that time known as London Fashion Week, 

The Fashion Parade is back in town, along with all the bloggers, influencers, journalist, photographers, videographers, presenters, writers, editors, stylist, buyers, make up artists, models and all other creatives I may have managed to have escape mentioning. 

Anniversaries, new leaders, creative directors, and new teams, new marking plans and there are always new bean counters. Way too many some of you may think. 

London is awash with a smile of rare blessed and prolonged sunshine, and along with it, Fashion Week is hear to give us all a taster of inspirations for the coming spring summer season of 2019.

A lot can happen and probably will take place between now and then, when hot items hot the shops, or more likely the case being it’s all about fast fashion these days, within 48 hours max of the end of the catwalk shows, you should be able to get your hands on those very same items you’re all googling, streaming, downloading and flicking through endless pages with images on, if a bit old school and still love all that tactile analogue stuff.

So how has this been reflected on the main catwalks?

The ones outside the various fashion show venues? Well as previously mentioned, colour is making a play for attention, and in a would bound by planetary law to adhere to that term that has an epidemic influence, (safe), the street style provided a much welcomed show of entertainment and inspirations. Hopefully some will influence the mainstream fashion houses. It has been known to happen.

So let’s start off the proceedings with an offering of the visual excitement we managed to capture for you, over the first 2 days of #LFW, London Fashion Week.

The images of the pretty young Chinese women in the the green cut out shape skirt by Osman, and vintage lace dress, with lace kitten heel shoes by Aruna Seth, and circular bag by GB David, is blogger, fashion buyer and influencer is my amazing muse,

Harper Silin in a look styled by myself. #PositiveFashion



It is once once again that time of the year. The collective mass of fashion industry and passionista fashionistas all gather on mass, to celebrate or pay homage to the latest and greatest visions from the catwalk, by the good, the bad and the terribly provocative and naughty. Yes its the latest instalment from the global Fashion Week season,

London Fashion Week.

A weekend of fantastic weather brought us the start of the big shows and names of British fashion. Then Monday came along and put the dampeners on the entire event. Forget the limos and luxury VIP cars to transport said guests from show to show, what should have been provided was cohoes and water wear. That said the shows managed to take place, gifting insight to all of the delights of the season to come, or if you’re into the new fast fashion and have the need to see no, buy now, your tastebuds for fashion, must surely be flowing with eager excitement and anticipation.

From the great outdoors and on the land of street style, there were several and obvious trends that could easily be spotted. 

We will try to show you some of them over the next few posts. You can expect to see lots of pretty footwear and foot candy, with bold vivid colour sock boots, novel statement piece lighter heels from Vetements to name a few. 

So let’s start off the proceedings with a few postings, of some of the many images we worked ever so hard, to bring directly to you. We do hope you’ll enjoy this journey through the sights of the style, as captured on London’s streets, during London Fashion Week.



Shooting street style at London Fashion Week is so much fun, but it’s hard work too.

One has to constantly be on the look out for the style icons, the great looks, the attention seekers, yes there are those. One has to be up to date with current and past trends, and be able to spot referencing to something historical or topical in a contemporary context.

One has to know your catwalk trends and looks, key brands and products with stand out personalities. All this needs to come into play in an instant.

It’s hard work, but it can be fun too and is, if you enjoy what you do and are passionate about it too.

So let us make a statement. Well not me personally, but at LFW, that’s just what some if not many people do. They can do it with an entire and overall look, or they can do it with a singular statement item that’s has such a loud and dominant personality, it simply commands your attention.

One of these “Statement Trends” spotted during London Fashion Week, were Silver or chrome mirrored thigh high-heeled boots. Be they originally from Balenciaga, Ami Club-wear, Akira, Pretty Little Thing or whichever of the many brand copies out there currently available, they are visually exciting and truly are statement pieces. They also look like a lot of fun.

Here are a few images of those particular statement boots spotted, and if you’re not rocking’ a pair of them this weekend, am sure you’ll agree, they really do look like a lot of fun…

All and every single image or visual featured within this blog site belongs to, and is shot by Pat Lyttle of JSTREETSTYLE.


Once again it’s that time of the year, when all flock to London in mid September
for its hallowed ornate halls, and for the fashion shows, presentations, spectacles
and inspiration that dwells within, for its global community of dedicated followers
of fashion.
The world famous inviting summer weather with its rain, grey skies and chill to the
bone air entice you into the charmed dwellings of each show, that is until you can
get back to your hotel room and snuggle up to the UK’s famed bizarre TV ads,
and much welcomed central heating. Who hasn’t turned on their heating yet?

The Merry Go Round of ever changing venues is a constant workout, for the calf
muscles in a pair of statement heels, slides or mules, should you not rock up
in one of London’s finest gabby black taxi cabs enlightening you with the latest
on Brexit or classic “Never guess who I had in the back of my cab a the other day?”

Back for more of the same and a big welcome to you all for that each season.
We do welcome you, we really do, although it can be in a rather strange and
bizzare fashion.

The catwalk shows and presentations across the city has fuelled passion and
much talk, of what is to come as well as what can I have now, with several
shows having the new (fast fashion) model of see now buy 5 minutes later.
What interest us at Pat Lyttle’s JSTREETSTYLE are the other catwalk of presentations
taking place on the street outside the various show venues and across town.
So, let us bring you the first limps, a small taster of some of the style and excitement
from the streets during #LFW London Fashion Week SS 2018.
In London during the week of September 15th – 19th 2017.


Mens Fashion Week or London Fashion Week Men’s, formally that of London Collections Men, is now in its 5th year and at the most recent round where its latest home is, 180 The Strand, the world’s fashion media, stylist, buyers, journalist, photographers and fans of menswear gathered to get a taste of what was on offer to us all for the spring and summer of 2018.

What was on offer on the catwalk, in its many presentations and shows?
Well as usual a mixture of traditional the contemporary and the avant-garde.
Reds, Yellow, blues and stripes seemed to have a calling to the designers.
The big surprise was the return of the bum bag. We’ll dispense with using the Americanised name of the popular 90s body accessory.

And so to the real excitement. The real catwalk of fashion captured on the streets around the various show venues.
Though things started off slowly, they soon heated up and when the sun really kicked in and not only smiled but laughed its butt off. We’re talking literally here.

Day three of street style gave us a glimpse of a little more than what we or anyone else could have possibly expected.
Hundreds of totally naked cyclist passing by. We’re still desperately trying to shake the image of the guy on the unicycle. Don’t ask.
I guess in the moment and situation of London being in the grips of fashion frenzy, it was a case of The Emperors New Clothes.

The point is that only a week ago London was in trouble, suffering a terrible attack bring it to a dark moment, yet days later London shone as bright as could be with its random eccentricity we all love well intact and much welcomed with a cheeky smile.

Here are the street style image offerings we were able to capture.

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