Lana Peswani

Pat is a wonderfully passionate stylist, photographer and creative.
He is an absolute joy to work with as he is such an inspiring, patient person with a boundless thirst for bringing great ideas to life.
He has an extensive knowledge on all things vintage and knows the ins and outs of the fashion industry.
He is in love with Japanese culture and this love accents everything he does, from the looks he creates
and the photographs he takes through to his meticulous ways of working. In his approach to styling and photography,

Pat always has a clear vision which he’s able to execute perfectly — plus,
he’s more than willing to involve the ideas of models or collaborators in any way he can,
giving a cohesive and comfortable feel to every shoot or styling session.
What really sets Pat apart from the others is that his main focus is always to let the client’s personality shine through.
He believes in a person’s essence being the number 1 most beautiful thing about them. 
In this way, he’s able to create something really meaningful.

I would highly recommend working with Pat as he is a true professional, able to add his innate flair to everything he touches.
His experience in contemporary, vintage, Asian and couture fashion alongside the reputation which precedes him,
make him absolutely inimitable — there is no one else like Pat Lyttle

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Harper Silin

“In my opinion, Pat is a talented stylist and photographer who knows a lot about the history and stories of fashion, has a lot of vintage collections, likes to mix and match all kinds of colours and fabrics, and always gives me a lot of surprises and inspirations.”

Pat always give me a lot of confidence when we work together. After that, I realise I have more possibilities in different style for photo shooting. For example, I used to have a cool face in photos and never know how to have more energy in photos. Pat has taught me a lot, and let me do myself.

“Pat has created a lot of opportunities for me, so that I have more and more opportunities to cooperate with different photography, and more and more opportunities to be in magazines.”

“In fact, my face is not the most beautiful or mainstream in Chinese aesthetics, and I once wanted to change my face.
Since I got to know pat, I began to be full of confidence in myself.
He always encouraged me to find the difference between myself and others.”

Was I able to achieve what you wanted? What was it what you wanted and how did I do it?
Did you get the publicity and attention?

(Some examples: Attend London Fashion Week, London Fashion Week Mens, 1920s Great Gatsby Event,
Japanese Fashion Event, to look good during Photo Shoots, Events, Editorial shoots, Getting you published).

“Pat achieved what I wanted. Pat often style me for different events and take photos, wrote articles in his blog. He writes his blog very seriously very detailed, from his inspiration, styling,event location, cooperation with someone, etc. In addition, pat uses our styling and shooting work to keep in touch with many magazines, photographers, stylists, model broker company, PR company, etc. He has tried more ways to do promotion for me. Also because of this, my popularity is constantly improving, obtain the cooperation of various types, such as brand cooperation, photographic film cooperation, even Models1 (model agency) and Givenchy. They have asked for cooperation with me. And they pointed out that they like pat’s styling and photography works very much. For example, in September 2019, pat helped me publish no.8 Magazine, not only for my styling and photo shooting, but also for me to do an interview.”

“I am very satisfied with it. Pat is always creativity and energy for vintage, styling and photography. “

“People of different ages have different reactions: people who appreciate vintage will like vintage all over; people who don’t know much about vintage, will prefer mixing it with some big brands or new designer’s brand; Pat has made both kinds of styles. Nowadays young people,specially for young Chinese people, they prefer the second way of vintage style. “

“I think Pat is knowledgeable and know a lot about the history of fashion.”

“I’m happy working with pat, but pat pays too much attention to me, sometimes I feel a little bit pressure. I know that pat has high expectations for me. I hope more people interested in working with Pat and trust him.
He is an excellent and talented stylist, although he talk blalabala a lot with me sometimes hahahaha. “

“Pat has always been there for me with all his energy and time. Thank you very much.|

“Pat is very hospitable. When i go to his flat, he will cook for me and make tea for me. He always remembers what I like to eat and what I don’t like to eat,we are like friends. “

“I am very satisfied and happy working with pat, he always has a lot of creative and funny ideas for styling and photography work. But he talk a lot sometimes when we work together , that make me confused and I don’t know what is the key point and what he want to do. After all, English is not my first language. I hope pat can directly say the point in the future work, so that we can work faster.”

Would you recommend the experience of using a Fashion Specialist Stylist like Pat Lyttle to anyone?

“Yes I do. Since I started attending London fashion week, I have been working with pat and post photos to my instagram and Chinese apps, platform and blog. So many people like Pat’s style and photography. When someone asks about Pat, I always recommend him to them. “

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Freya Sinyu Siu – Model / Fashion Management

I have to say it was very nice to know you and I was very happy to work with you.

I see you are a very good and professional stylist. I can feel your passion about fashion especially in the vintage fashion and Asian fashion when I talked and worked with you.

And yes, you always can give me something I have never try and never know before, and that’s what I want. Everyone and I are madly love the two looks, that I worked with you on, in the SS19 Fashion Week. Thanks again.

You are a very kind person. You are also hospitable and patient.

You always give some useful and specific fashion advice and share interesting knowledge about fashion to me. It’s very nice and comfortable to cooperate with you.

I am looking forward to working with you again.

您好, Pat






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Mari Saki 酒井麻里
About your experience with me as a Stylist. How was it?
“興味深くて良かった。It was nice and interesting. “

Was I able to achieve what you wanted? If yes, what was it what you wanted and how did I do it?
“何も頼んでいない。I did’t want you to do anything. “

Were you happy with what I did for you?
When we talk. Pat tried to understand what I wanted to say.”

How was the experience of working with Personal Stylist Pat Lyttle for you?
“モデルは私の得意分野ではないので、気楽にできなかったが、Patと過ごすのは素晴らしい経験だった。Being a model was not my strong suit, so that I didn’t feel comfortable, but spending time with Pat was a great experience.”

Did you think I was knowledgeable? Did I make you feel comfortable? Did I listen to you and your needs?
“はい、特にファッション分野。はい。はい。I did, especially fashion. You did. You did.”

Was I hospitable? Were you happy with the work of Stylist Pat Lyttle?
“You were. はい。I was happy.”

Would you recommend the experience of using Fashion Specialist Stylist to anyone or not?
“もし誰かがスタイリストを必要としていたら、Patを推薦する。 If someone needs a stylist, I will recommend Pat.

Azusa Sato – Fashion Designer

” It was great experience to me
Because it was my first time that I wear real vintage clothes in UK,
Yes I achieved what I wanted.

“He told me how to do standing like lady and it works xx
I was happy with what he did for me.

“After his styling help, My friend said I was so different and cool !

“Good experience, because he has different opinions with me.

“Yes he made me feel comfortable and listened to my needs.

“Yes of course I was happy with his hospitality and work.
I’d love to recommend him.

Azusa Sato – Designer

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